AATSP 2013 Fall Conference

García Lorca Chapter

October 18, 2013   8:00-2:15

  Room 221 – Commons – Bates Campus – Lewiston Maine

8:00-8:15         Coffee and Registration

8:15-8:45         Introductions / Announcements

8:45-10:00       Meet international settings and languages on your Apple MLTI device

Lindsey Carnes – Apple Specialist   

Attend this hands-on session to meet Apple staff and learn how your MLTI device can be used in your world language classroom. Explore settings and applications to enhance teaching and learning like building digital storytelling videos with iMovie and interacting with your MLTI device in another language.   PLEASE BRING YOUR LAPTOPS OR IPADS!

10:00-10:30     Break

10:30-11:30    Safe Passage: take a group of students to Guatemala

Dan Bennett – Spanish teacher – Falmouth High School

Dan will give you an overview of Guatemala and its poverty, explain what Safe Passage is and does as well as what a typical week looks like for a support team. He will talk about how to organize a trip, the cost of a trip, safety and also how to make the trip meaningful (evening debriefs, blogging, etc …) And finally, what happens after the trip? …. Helping the lessons stick.

11:30-12:45     ¡Disfruten del almuerzo en la cafeteria de la universidad!

12:45-2:15        What is Movie Talk?

Dustin Williamson – Spanish / French teacher – Leavitt area High School

MovieTalk is a C.I. (Comprehensible Input) friendly tool that uses movies, commercials, music videos and animation in your classroom. Students acquire listening skills as they enjoy watching target-culture laden videos and listen to a teacher’s narration of the visual. MovieTalk is the deceptively simple tool you need to be able to turn videos into comprehensible input. You’ll never watch a movie the same way again!


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