Aquí vamos a poner enlaces y otros recursos para profesores.  Si tienes algo – un video, una ficha, o un juego, que a tus estudiantes les gusta mucho, compartelo con nosotros y lo añadiremos a la página!

Lenguas Autenticas – Website created by Dana Bisbee in RSU5 with multiple authentic audio files.

Pinterest page – Pinterest is like an online corkboard filled with ideas.  Check out these boards are organized by topic from ProfeDeELE.

AudioLingua – Audio files in multiple languages, categorized by topic, country of origin, and difficulty.

Mi Vida Loca – A BBC sponsored miniseries that students LOVE!

Digital Dialects – Spanish online games.

Conjuguemos – Verb conjugation practice and other activities.

Fluency Prof – Audio resources with online activities.

Spanish Learning Lab – Short conversations with online practice.

Duolingo – FREE online language learning program –  the app is great too!

Que Onda – Partially free online vocabulary practice.

SpanishDict – A favorite dictionary and grammar explanation site.

SGEL ELE – Youtube site with videos of natives in everyday situations.

AudioGuias – Online audio guides from major cities and monuments.

ListenLive – Listen to radio stations from Spain in directo!

Spanish Listening – Video/audio clips of speakers from different countries.